" Developing Masterminds "

KMD Foundation will offer programs and services to the community at large. These programs and services will target youth and their families in under-educated areas. We will pool community resources and develop partnerships to help the youth and their families with educational attainment, community awareness and economic development.


Keeping mind's developing through elevated comprehension, the cognitive becomes perceptive. KMD Foundation, Inc. will provide programs to our youth that will decrease the high school dropout rate and increase the number of young adults preparing for financial independence.


Keeping Mind's Developing will work with the youth in community. We will empower youth to raise their personal expectations of educational achievement. By which each student will achieve set goals based on their personal best.


Keeping Mind's Developing will host a number of programs each year. These programs will directly support and involve our Kansas City community at large. KMD will stimulate minds and present health awareness for the body.



Keeping Mind's Developing will build partnerships with organizations that assist teachers, counselors, health and wellness professionals; as well as mentors and tutors.

Our Partners